Common Early Menopause Symptoms

Women from the age 35 to 55 years undergo menopause. Menopause is the end of women’s ability to get pregnant in a natural way and is the end of a monthly period. It is a procedure that begins from 24 months to 10 years before the last regular period.

It is advised to visit a physician if you miss your periods for a year as it doesn’t mean it is menopause. The doctor will find the cause and rule out the thought of you being menopause; there other different reasons that can make you miss periods like when you are expectant. The early signs you should watch out for menopause include;

Change In Menstrual Cycle

A change in the menstrual cycle will be experienced; your cycle may become irregular or shorten. The period may become lighter or heavier than the normal one.

Night Sweats And Hot Flushesswfrcddf

Night sweats and hot flashes can cause sweating or a flushing of the skin. At night you may wake up and find your beddings and clothes have dampened, and you are feeling hot. This may happen in the pre-menopause and during menopause stage. The length of time this flashes can last is different depending on women and can be severe or mild.

Fluctuating Hormone Levels

During or before menopause some women may be experiencing breast sensitivity, vaginal dryness, and irregular periods and reduced sex drive. Hormone levels fluctuate as your body experience mood swings, anxiety, weight gain and depression.


Some women may experience sleeping problems. It is another sign of menopause experienced by women due to other different reasons or the hot flashes they experience during the night.


Some women may incontinence problems. Lack of energy and fatigue has been reported by some women. Your skin can show sign of aging and hair quality changes. Seek medical care if you suspect you have experience symptoms of menopause so that they may diagnose you and rule out anything serious.


xsrxsfrReplacement therapy of HRT-hormone id usually used to treat menopausal signs. Many symptoms of menopause are reduced effectively by using this method. The treatment unluckily has numerous side effects that include breast cancer, heart attack, uterine cancer, stroke and ovarian cancer.

You may need a few lifestyle changes if you are not suffering greatly with the symptoms. It may help to reduce symptoms if you quit smoking and reduce your alcohol intake level. Regular exercises and a healthy diet may help you to increase your sex drive and also increase your energy levels.