Preventing Sporting Injuries


One of the major problems facing sportsmen and women today is injuries. Most of them are looking for ways of reducing injuries while at the same time enhancing their performance. In this regard, wearing cleats has been viewed as one way of reducing injuries during sports and training.

As a result, sport wear manufacturers have developed cleats for most sports including football, soccer, cycling, basketball, rugby among many other sports. However, the question that has not been answered is whether cleats help an athlete minimize injuries.

Injuries that can be avoided by wearing cleats

There are various injuries that can be avoided by wearing cleats including anterior cruciate ligament injury, knee and hamstring injuries, and soft tissue injuries. To start with, when wearing cleats, athletes tend to put less strain while making cuts on the grass for those sports that are played on grass pitches. This helps prevent non-contact injuries for the athletes, making cleats very essential for players in sports such as Soccer and Rugby. Science Daily notes that cleat-natural grass combination is less likely to cause in anterior cruciate ligament injury to athletes.


When it comes to cycling, cycling shoes with cleats enables the rider to pedal more efficiently, resulting in less fatigue while zipping down the road or cruising over the trails. Apart from the efficiency which reduces fatigue, cycling shoes with cleats keeps the rider firmly attached to the pedals hence preventing injury that results from sliding accidents.

In addition, when using cycling shoes with cleats, a rider is able to avoid muscle and ligament sprains, strains, and tears since less power is required to push the pedal. However, the choice of cleats affects its protection against injuries. Below are some factors to consider while shopping for a sporting cleat.

How to select the right cleats for your sport

To start with, when shopping for a sporting shoe, it is recommended that one should purchase shoes from a specialty store. You can also view the website. While shopping, attendants give some valuable input on the type of shoe that fit your sport as well as assisting in fittings. In addition, when fitting, one should wear the socks he/she uses while participating in that particular sport. These enable you to select the most suitable sporting shoes.


For most people, settling for one type of sporting shoes become a doubting as a result of many different types of shoes that are available in the market. As a result, it is essential to check different variations in shoe material and weight because the different features are developed to protect the areas of the feet that encounter most stress in a given sports activity.